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National Burial Index
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National Burial Index
As a Member of The Federation of Family History Societies, we are contributing to the National Burial Index (NBI) for England and Wales
Although we are a small Membership, our Members continuously work hard transcribing local burial records to Burntwood
Below is a list of the burial records transcribed to date and submitted to the National Burial Index
25th July 1820 - 5th June 1931
3,109 burials
22nd May 1695 - 14th December 1812
898 burials
7th January 1838 - 20th April 1979
1,601 burials
10th June 1726 - 27th December 1812
1,557 burials
9th January 1813 - 29th March 1950
1,600 burials
26th May 1757 - 24th November 1812
494 burials
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