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Nigel Charles Alfred NEVILLE and Thomas NEVILLE
Nigel Charles Alfred NEVILLE
Nigel Charles Alfred was born in Shenstone House, Shenstone on the 19th April 1849.  He was the third child and only surviving son of Thomas and Anna Maria. He was educated at Uppingham School and St. John's College Cambridge where he obtained his B.A.  After completing his education he became a Barrister and was admitted to practice through the  Inner Temple in 1873.  By 1881 he had returned to live at Shenstone House and subsequently became a Stipendiary magistrate for South Staffordshire in 1885 with  his offices based in Wolverhampton. In 1892 he married Julia Ann Ballinger of Wolverhampton. On his death a memorial window was placed in St John's Church Shenstone
Thomas Neville was born in Whittington, he was the 2nd son of Thomas and Mary Wilson and is believed to have inherited Shenstone House from his Uncle Nigel Neville.  By 1841 Thomas was residing at Shenstone House and in 1845 married an Anna Maria Ward of Sandon and they had 9 children, some of whom died young. Throughout his life he took a keen interest in Shenstone village and on his death a memorial window was placed in St John's Church Shenstone.
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