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Visiting Speakers
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Visiting Speakers
 On the 2nd Monday of each month we usually have a visiting speaker to give us a talk on a Family History related subject.
This is held at the Burntwood Old Mining College
If you are interested in being a speaker at one of our monthly meeting, or you want to suggest a speaker, please contact Jane Leake (01543 683520

Visiting Speakers for 2019
 12th August - Keith Rothery - "Methodist Historian"
9th September - AGM and Members 10 minute talks
14th October - Ned Williams - "Palaces for People"
11th November - "We Will Rememebr Them"
- Biographies of local men who died in WWI.
Research undertaken by Members
9th December - Christmas Social

Past Subjects and Speakers
 "My Colonial Cousins by Mary BODFISH"
"Getting Away With Murder" by Tony HUNT
"Patrick Lichfield" by Judy HUBBLE
"Hidden History of Cannock Chase" by Steve BOOTH
"The Nostalgic Film Show" by John COLLEY
"Across the World and Round the Corner" by Rachel HAWKINS
"William Coltman V.C." by Tim COLTMAN
"Nobody Mentioned Witches" by Dave ROBBI
"Music Hall, the Singers and the Songs" by Ann FEATHERSTON
"My Colonial Cousins" by Mary BODFISH
"Food Glorious Food" by Kath REYNOLDS
"Chimney Sweeps and Climbing Boys" by Steve BOOTH
"Richard III, the Car Park and the Princess in the Tower" Guilty or not Guilty. You Decide by Richard STONE
"Ken and his Other Hats" by Ken KNOWLES
"Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Trust" by Bob WILLIAMS
"Shugborough, A Brief History" by Judy HUBBLE
"The Crusty Old Box" (Quiz) by Stephen FLINDERS
"Dolly Tubs and Flat Irons by Kath REYNOLDS
"The King's Loosebox" by Mary BODFISH
"The Great Fauld Explosion" by Steven BOOTH
"Enigma. Learn How To Crack The Codes" by Brian TEALL
"Where Did The Nailmakers Go?" by David TAYLOR
"Humorous Etymologies" by Anthony POULTON
"The Town Crier" by Ben KNOWLES
"Brocton Lager" by Beryl HOLT
"Not Just Names" by Paul BEDFORD
"The Black Country - A Tourist Destination" - Keith CHEETHAM
"How We Lived Then" - Judith BODFISH
"Catherine Crompton's Diary" - Stephen FLINDERS
"Religious Census 1851" - Richard STONE
"English Place Names" - Anthony POULTON-SMITH
"Do you Remember the 50's and 60's?" - Mac JOSEPH
"Stories of English Coinage" - Phil GRIFFITHS
"You can't 'abdicate' and eat it" - Mary BODFISH
"Cannock Chase During the First World War" - Derek DAVIS
"The Life and Travels of Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker" - Stephen FLINDERS
"Staffordshire Ghosts and Legends" David BELL
"Getting Away With It" - Richard STONE
"Lichfield Cathedral During the Civil War" - Richard SHARPE
"Getting the Most out of Marriage Certificates" - John YATES
"Journey of James Watson at the Time of the Crimean War" - Roland WATSON
"Back to Back Houses in Birmingham" - Mac JOSEPH
"Dos and Don'ts of Family History" - Richard CHURCHLEY
"Battle of Waterloo. The Aftermath" - Tim BURGIN
"J.R.R. Tolkien in Staffordshire" - Dave ROBBIE
"Down the Garden Path" - David Bell
"Grandma was a Suffragette" - Barbara Andrew
"The Hammerwich Hoard" - Robert Sharpe
"Birmingham Registry Office" - John Yates
"The Making of Maps" - Richard Stone
"Rural Industries Before the Railways" - Dr. Richard Churchley
"Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site – Then and Now" - Richard Bifield
"The Duke Of Sutherland – a Kindly Landlord?" - Steve Booth
"The Great War and Shattered Illusions" - Danny Wells
"Beyond the Brick Wall" - Judith Farrington
"The City of Dreadful Night" - Danny Wells
"The Development of Prisons" - Richard Papworth
"Understanding Birth Certificates" - John Yates
"The Wonderful Age of Steam" - Patsie Jarman
"Selling Your Wife" - Richard Stone
"The British on Holiday" - Richard Byfield
"The Effects of the Coming of the Tudors in1845 on Mid Staffordshire" - Stephen Booth
"Looking at Shops" - Ned Williams
"Sapper Norman" - Joay and Alan Lewis
"The Victorians and the Christmas Season" - Danny Wells
"Trouble with Servants" - Pamela Sambrook
"King Charles the II and the legacy of the Oak" - Alan Lewis
"The Wonderful Age of Steam" Patsie Jarman
"Stage Coaches and Their Routes" - Stephen Booth
"Tools & Skills of Past Times" - Ruth Taylor
"BMD - How to get the best out of Them" - Sharon & Ian Hartas
"Find Ancestors on the Somme" - Phil Lamb
"There's a Bit of a Stink" - Patsie Jarman
"Another Funny Thing Happened at the Register Office" - John Yates
"Employment in and Around Walsall" - Ann French
"Poverty is the Worst of Crimes" - Liz Street
"Crime and Punishment" - Patsie James
"The Victorian Way of Death" - Danny Wells
"How to Create a Biography" - Ros Bott
"Local Survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade" - Dave Pulley
"Stories Grandad Told" - Vanessa Morgan
"Some Staffordshire Knotts Untied" - Dr. Richard Totty
"My Family Through the Ages" - Adam Garner
"Wills Post 1858" - John Yates
"Love Misplaced" - Beryl Wilkes
"Methodism" - Keith Rothery
"Unravelling the Woolleys" - Delia Wyres
"Staffordshire Saints" - Catherine Cartwright
"Alrewas National Memorial Arboretum" - Jan Altham
"Using the Walsall Local Studies Centre" - Paul Ford
"St Matthew's Hospital - the County Lunatic Asylum" - David Budden
"Grandma was a Suffragette" - Barbara Andrew
"Meet the Pagets" - Richard Stone
"And the Bride Wore....." Patricia Boyd
"Heroes in my Family Tree" - Delia Wyres
"Uncle Ike and family in the Black Country" - Beryl Hyde
"Fairs from Medieval to Modern Times" - David Podmore
"The fact in Fiction" - Michael Taylor
"Estate Papers and the Elusive Thomas Kington" - Mary Pochin
"What the Butler Saw" - Patricia Boyd
"The Power of the Internet" - Pam Woodburn
"Ordnance Survey Past and Present"
"A Squires Tale" - Paul Walker
"The Power of the Internet" - Pam Woodburn
"Source for the Goose" - Thea Randall
"Development of Photography" - Gillian Jones
"A Squires Tale" - Paul Walker
"The Origins of Surnames" - Geoff Sorrell
"The Parish Chest" - Alan Tongue
"Original Documents for Research" - Roger Knowles
"The Redemption of Eliza Jane" - Mark Frampton
"Getting the Most out of Death Certificates" - John Yates
"Christmas Traditions" - Patricia Boyd
"On Line With Your Past" - Lesly Vasey
"Non-Conformist Records" - Peter Bloor
"Staffordshire's Changing Landscape" - Thea Randall
"DNA and Family History" Chris Pomeroy
"Making the Most of Marriage and Death Certificates" - John Yates
"May I Remind You" - Joyce Finnemore
"The Hanslow Family Tree" - Ruth Hanslow
"Probate Records" - Martin Sanders
"Developments in Family History on Line at FFFH" - Maggie Loughran
"The Battle of Hastings" - Adrian P.S. de Redman
"How we lived then" - Mary Bodfish
"My Granny's Box" - Judith Farrington
"Upstairs, Downstairs" - Patricia Boyd
"An Introduction to English Heraldry" - Adrian P.S. de Redman
"Laurence's Air Force (Medals)" - Roger Bragger
"Beryl's Treasures" - Beryl Wilkes
"Ernest and the Panther" - John Atkinson
"Skeletons in the Cupboard" - Anette Hall
"Reading Old Handwriting" - Corinna Rayner
"Making Sense of the Census" - Cath Yates
"Helping us to Help You" - John Yates
"A History of Saint Michael's Church Lichfield" - Dr. Trevor James
"Church Terriers" - Dr Mary Watts
"Searching for the True Connection" - Dorothy Inlett
"The Clock Tower" - Colin Walton"
Tne One Name Studies" - Peter Badham
"A Wander Through Family History" - Joyce Finnemore
"The Wyatts of Weeford" - Chris Adams
"My Ancestor was a Gamekeeper" - Thea Randall
"Locks and Lock making in Willenhall" - John Whistance
"The Leather Workers of Walsall" - Dr. Rotherham
"The History of Beaudesert" - Bernard Richards
"The Midland Association with the Gunpowder Plot" - Beryl Ellerslie
"The Shot at Dawn Memorial and Arboretum" - Jackie Fisher
"The Archives of the Staffordshire Regiment" - Maj. E. Green
"16th and 17th Century Wills" - Prof. Ann Hughes
"F.F.H.S." - Maggie Loughran (Administrator)
"Staffordshire Military Mail" - Richard Farman
"A Walk Down Memory Lane" - Ron Smith
"The Worst of Crimes is Poverty" - Mark Dorrington
"The History of Kings Bromley" - Mavis Crocket
"Wolverhampton Archives" - Lesley Vasey
"The Battle of Waterloo" - Tim Burgin
"Under Old Chasetown" - Vic Vayro
"Inter-relations in Family History" - Edna Handley
"George Oakley - Barnardo Boy" - Joyce Finnimore
"William Salt Library - Stafford" - Thea Randall
"Looking for Uncle Albert" - Margaret Toohill
"Birmingham Register Office" - John Yates
"The Zulu Wars" - Robert Hope
"An Infamous Mason" - John Mason
"Our Canal Heritage" - Tim Burgin
"Maps for Family History" - Peter Knowles
"Charles II Route thro' the Midlands" - Trevor Antill
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