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Lichfield Guild Hall War Memorial
On the 4th. August 1914, the following members of “E” (LICHFIELD) COMPANY
OF WALES) then having no Drill Hall, mobilized in the Guildhall of the City
Of Lichfield for the Service in the Great War. After being quartered there for
Some days they marched to Burton-on-Trent and joined their Battalion which
Formed part of the 137th. Staffordshire) Infantry Brigade of the 46th. (North
Midland) Division. On the 28th. August. At a Recruiting Meeting held in
The Guildhall the Company was brought up to strength by a Draft of 41 men.
     Capt.      LONGSTAFF, C.L.
     Lieut.     DAWES, R.W.
†   Lieut.     SHAW, R.R.S.
     Col. Sergt.    GEE. E.
     Sergt.     ARMSTRONG, A.J.C.
     Sergt.     ASHLEY, T.
     Sergt.     COPE, H.P.
     Sergt.     NETTLETON, R.S.G.
     Sergt.     ROBERTS, R.
     L.-Sergt.       PERCY, G.B.
     Corpl.     COPE, W.J.
     Corpl.     SEDGWICK, J.
     Corpl.     SMITH, G.T.
     Corpl.     WALKER, J.W.
†   L.-Corpl.      MARSHALL, J.T.
     Pte.     ABDELLAH. J.T.
     Pte.     ABEL, C.
     Pte.     ACTON, J.H.
     Pte.     ALLPORT, E.W.
     Pte.     BADKIN, F.
†   Pte.     BAGNALL, E.Y.
     Pte.     BAKER, E.
†   Pte.     BAKER, W.B.
     Pte.     BENNETT, A.
     Pte.     BLEWITT, E.
     Pte.     BOSTON, C.
†   Pte.     BOTT, F.
†   Pte.     BURTON, T.
†   Pte.     CAWSER, G.H.
     Pte.     CAWSER, L.J.
†   Pte.     CHILD, A.
     Pte.     CHILD, G.J.
     Pte.     CLARK, G.
     Pte.     CLARKE, B.
     Pte.     CORBETT, T.E.
     Pte.     DAVIES, W.
     Pte.     DEAKIN, H.
†   Pte.     DICKEN, W.E.
     Pte.     DODD, G.
     Pte.     DOWNES, W.A.
     Pte.     FREDERICKS, L.
     Pte.     GALLIMORE, W.N.
     Pte.     GILLIVER, E.
     Pte.     GOTHERIDGE, G.T.
†   Pte.     HALL, E.
     Pte.     HALL, F.C.
     Pte.     HAWKINS, C.F.W.
     Pte.     HINE, J.H.
†   Pte.     HODGKINS, J.W.
     Pte.     HUGHES, P.J.
     Pte.     JACKSON, H.W.
†   Pte.     LITHERLAND, T.
     Pte.     MASSEY, A.
     Pte.     MAW, G.H.
     Pte.     MAW, P.C.
     Pte.     MAYCOCK, J.A.
     Pte.     MAYCOCK, J.H.
     Pte.     MAYCOCK, W.T.
     Pte.     MEAR, A.
     Pte.     MEEHAN, H.
     Pte.     MELLOR, S.J.
     Pte.     MORLEY, T.
     Pte.     MORLEY, W.
     Pte.     MORRIS, H.J.
†   Pte.     NEALE, J.J.H.
†   Pte.     NEVILLE, W.
†   Pte.     NICHOLLS, J.C.J.
     Pte.     ORAM, C.
     Pte.     PITCH, J.
     Pte.     PITCH, J.
     Pte.     QUINN, J.
†   Pte.     ROBINSON, H.
     Pte.     ROGERS, A.H.
     Pte.     ROGERS, H.
     Pte.     ROSE, W.J.
†   Pte.     ROSS, A.
     Pte.     RUSSELL, A.
     Pte.     SALFORD, B.
     Pte.     SEDGWICK, F.
     Pte.     SLATER, A.
     Pte.     SMITH, F.
     Pte.     SMITH, W.H.
†   Pte.     THORNELOE, W.H.
     Pte.      TUKE, C.H.
†   Pte.     TURNER, C.W.H.
     Pte.     VENABLES, W.
     Pte.     WALTERS, W.
     Pte.     WATERS, G.R.
†   Pte.     WATERS, J.E.
     Pte.     WEETMAN, W.J.
     Pte.     WETTON, T.
     Pte.     WIGGIN, A.C.
     Pte.     WILLIAMS, J.N.
†   Pte.     WILLIAMS, S.J.
†   Pte.     WRIGHT, S.C.
     Pte.     YATES, B.D.
     Pte.     YATES, E.J.
†   Pte.     YATES, G.
†   Pte.     YATES, G.H.
                            THE DRAFT
     Pte.     ABDELLAH, W.H.
     Pte.     ALLSOPP, A.
     Pte.     BAKER, F.
     Pte.     BARRY, W.
     Pte.     BAYLISS, E.E.
     Pte.     BEARDSMORE, H.
     Pte.     BRADBURY, F.A.
     Pte.     BRADNOCK, E.
     Pte.     BULL, W.
     Pte.     CARTMALE, A.
     Pte.     CARTMALE, C.
     Pte.     CHESTERFIELD, W.J.
     Pte.     DAVIES, A.
     Pte.     DAVIS, C.T.
     Pte.     DAVIS, W.P
     Pte.     DAWSON, H.A.
     Pte.     DEAKIN, C.
     Pte.     FREDERICKS, S.H.
     Pte.     GOTHERIDGE, G.
     Pte.     GUBB, J.
     Pte.     HARRISON, T.G.
     Pte.     HEATHERLEY, A.
     Pte.     HODGKINSON, T.
     Pte.     JAMES, T.H.
     Pte.     LEACH, W.J.
     Pte.     LITTLEFORD, J.T.
     Pte.     LUCK, F.
     Pte.     NEVILLE, C.
     Pte.     ORAM, C.C.
     Pte.     PAYNE, A.
     Pte.     PENLINGTON, W.
     Pte.     PINSON, E.J.
     Pte.     POYNTON, C.
     Pte.     RODDY, E.
     Pte.     RODDY, G.A.
     Pte.     ROWLEY, A.J.
     Pte.     SHIPTON, A.
     Pte.     TAYLOR, R.T.
     Pte.     WEETMAN, J.
     Pte.     WELCH, H.
†   Pte.     WRIGHT, C.E.
The Battalion crossed to France in February 1915, the 46th Division being the
First complete Territorial Division to go to the front. Save for a few weeks in
Egypt, the Battalion served continuously in France and Belgium and finally took a
Conspicuous part in crossing the St. Quentin Canal and breaking the Hindenburg line.
This tablet is placed here in memory of “E” COMPANY’S service in the Great War
Crosses are placed against the names of those who gave their lives.
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