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What We Do
What We Do
The Burntwood Family History Group is well known for its friendly atmosphere and its ability to make newcomers and non members feel welcome. Although we are a relatively small group, we have achieved a great deal. Our transcription team, have transcribed many documents from our local towns and villages. Those documents that we have transcribed have been published and are available to purchase
We have two meetings each month both evenings from 7pm to 9pm at the Burntwood Old Mining College, Burntwood. We usually have a guest speaker to talk to us on a family history related subject at the Monday meeting which is usually the second Monday of the month. A full list of dates can be found in our diary. Here you will find a list of forthcoming guest speakers. Refreshments are provided and included in the admission fee. The other meeting is on the fourth Monday of the month, when members meet to use the Group's many research facilities, or browse the members library
Established members welcome and give advice to new members and those non members who show interest in the Group's activities
We also offer you advice on how to get started
An admission fee of £1.00 for members and £2.00 for non members is made on the door at both the Monday meetings
The Monday meeting's admission charge includes tea / coffee / soft drink and biscuits.
Following the talk, refreshments are available and a draw is made for several prizes from raffle tickets sold on the night
Occasionally a meeting will be in the form of a visit to an outside venue.
The venue and details of the visit are published in advance
We also have a stand at various events such as Burntwood Wakes Family Fun Day 2010
We also took part in the '20th Adult Learners Week - Learn for Life' at Burntwood Library
by having an 'Open Day' in May 2011
It is also possible to buy our publications on CD of indices to transcriptions of Local Registers, Censuses, Monumental Inscriptions and School Admissions that the Group publications team have produced

At both meetings, it is possible for Group Members to borrow microfiche readers and microfiche film and 
CD's / DVD's from our members library at a very low fee.
Please contact us at enquiries@bfhg.org.uk
We also have a reel to reel tape recorder that Members can borrow at a very low fee.
If you want to borrow it, please contact us at enquiries@bfhg.org.uk
Members can submit their surname interests and they will be listed on the website and will be available to Members and non members alike
A quarterly journal is produced by the Group and exchanged with other Societies, both nationally and internationally. This is free to Members and can be purchased by non members for £1.00
In 2011, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. As part of our celebrations, we created the Burntwood and District Memorial Project. The Memorial Project is about researching servicemen from Burntwood and the local area who served and lost their lives during various conflicts. This project is progressing well, and the first of the completed biographies are now on line.
If you want information on how to get involved in the research of a serviceman, or you have information about a serviceman already on our website, please see our
If you have any photographs or postcards of our vicinity, or photographs of people from our vicinity that you would like to see on the website, please send them on attachment to enquiries@bfhg.org.uk with a few lines describing where and when the photograph was taken, what the occasion was and who the people are.
You don't have to be a member to submit a photograph
We also have a help wanted page. If you want help in your research in our vicinity, send us your enquiry and we will post it. Or if you have a photograph of people you think are from our vicinity and you can't identify them, send it to us on attachment and we will post it. Send your enquiry to enquiries@bfhg.org.uk
You don't have to be a member to post an enquiry
We also have pages of information on the towns and villages in our area. There you will find information and links about the towns and villages in our vicinity to help you in your research. If you have any information or links that could be added to those pages, please send the information or the link to enquiries@bfhg.org.uk
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