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John Thomas LOMAS
Researched and written by Sheila Clarke
                                               John Thomas LOMAS (*1)                                Reverse of photograph (*2)
John Thomas LOMAS was always called Tom by his family and friends and was the eldest surviving son of John Lomas and his wife Sarah Ellen.
He was born in 1893, his elder brother George having died the previous year aged four months.
                         Children of John Thomas LOMAS (*3)                                         Ancestors of John Thomas LOMAS (*4)
By the time of the 1901 census, the family was living at 5 May Terrace Cottages, Edial, Burntwood, in Staffordshire.
Tom’s father John worked as a dataller in a coal mine. His job entailed maintenance work in the pit, and he was paid a daily rate.
Later he worked as a fireman at the pit.
Extract from 1901 census (*5) 
Extract from 1901 census (*6) 
Whilst the family were living at Edial, Tom had started school. On 1st November 1900, when he was seven, he was enrolled at Burntwood No. 1 Board School in Burntwood Road, which has now become a housing development known as Scholars’ Gate into which the old school house has been incorporated. He remained at school until 27th October 1905 when he was twelve years of age, presumably to start work.
Tom’s Grandfather Isaac had worked as a miner, but before Tom was born he had become an insurance agent, and later opened a grocery store in Chasetown. Tom worked as a grocer’s assistant in his grandfather’s shop in the High Street, and was listed in his grandparent’s household in the 1911 census.
Extract from 1911 census (*7)
Extract from 1911 census (*8)
The charity shop which collects for the orphanages in Romania now occupies the premises (2010).
When the 1914-1918 war broke out John and Sarah had ten children, of which six survived infancy, and they were living at 86 Queen Street Chasetown with their younger children.
John and Sarah LOMAS outside 86 Queen Street, Chasetown (*9)
By 1914 Tom had become engaged to be married to Sarah THOMPSON, daughter of Thomas THOMPSON, a miner.
He and his wife Sarah also lived in Chasetown.
                      John LOMAS - Father of John Thomas LOMAS (*10)                     Reverse of photograph (*11)
Tom joined The Royal Warwickshire Regiment possibly at their recruitment office in Lichfield. He was in the 10th Battalion, which was formed in September 1914 as part of K2 (*A) attached to the 57 Brigade, 19th Western Division. Tom was probably in the 4th Platoon when sent to France on 17th July 1915.
Death Record (*12) 
During this time he became a Lance Corporal. The 19th (Western division) were under the command of Lieutenant General Henry Rawlinson. They captured La Boiselle on 4th July 1916. The 57th Brigade was involved in the attacks on High Wood which lasted from 20th until 25th July 1916; and the Battle of Poziers, 23rd July 1916. 
                           19th (Western) Division battles (*13)                                                   19th (Western) Division battles   (*14)
19th (Western) Division battles (*15)
Tom was killed on 23rd July 1916 so it is possible that he was killed during one of these battles.
The Warwickshire Regiment War Diaries which are deposited at The National Archives begin on the 27th July 1916, so too late to mention the battle in which Tom died. However the War Diaries of the 8th Battalion the Gloucester Regiment mention that on 22nd July 1916 they, together with the 10th Royal Warwickshire Regiment, and 7th South Lancashire Regiment were preparing to attack the German Switch Line cutting through the north of High Wood and running south of Martin Puich. The attack took place at 1.00 am, presumably on 23rd July. The attack failed, and there were 186 casualties among other ranks; whether this referred to Gloucester casualties, or included those from the other regiments, is not stated.
War Diary – Intelligence Record (*16)
Tom was one of 857 men from the 10th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment who died in The Great War.
Altogether 11,610 soldiers of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment perished during that war. Tom is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to The Missing, erected to remember those who died on the Somme before 20th March 1918, and who have no known grave.
                                                  Death Record (*17)                                                       Thiepval Memorial (*18)
                                                      Cemetery Record (*19)                                                            Cemetery Location (*20) 
John Thomas LOMAS is also remembered on The Chasetown War Memorial, which can be seen in Chasetown Memorial Park, High Street, Chasetown
Chasetown War Memorial (*21)        War Memorial Servicemen (*22)
Sarah Thompson married in June 1921.
Notes and References
(*A)     The names K1 and K2 were given to each successive 100,000 volunteers to the British Kitchener’s Army
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